Chris Pistorino offers private music lessons to aspiring musicians of all ages and all levels of experience.

Chris teaches upright bass, electric bass, beginner to intermediate guitar and music theory including how to read music and how to hear, understand and navigate chord changes and western harmony. Whether you are just getting started or looking to expand on what you have already learned, Chris’ insights and ideas will improve your musical skill.

Chris is a graduate of The New School of Jazz in NYC, educated by accomplished musicians such as Reggie Workman, Buster Williams, Andy McKee, Lisle Atkinson, Henry Martin, Junior Mance, Gary Dial, Bobby Sanabria and Arnie Lawrence. He has had the honor of studying privately for over five years with John Schaeffer, retired Principal Bassist of the New York Philharmonic. He performs in many various styles of music including straight ahead jazz, swing, early/trad jazz, classic blues and R&B, country as well as orchestral classical music.

Chris Pistorino“By focusing on what each student wishes to accomplish I can personalize my lessons to help reach these goals in a relatively short period of time. My lessons often encompass music theory, ear-training, proper technique, and sight-reading, however some students may wish to concentrate on one aspect of music without going into others. For example if you would like to learn how to play by ear and aren’t interested in reading music I can tailor your lessons to help you learn what you want to learn.”

“Being a working New York City musician enables me to focus my teaching on practical skills and to inspire my students with foreseeable goals.”